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Burmanform  is inviting Akie Tsuzuki a bookbinder / designer from Nagoya, Japan and organizing workshops 3 times in Stockholm.

 It can be a really unique chance to learn her own binding techniques and style for her hand bookbinding works!

Please reserve your place by messenger or e-mail to Then we send back a confirm your attendance and information about the payment.

About the workshop:

It’s an adhesive-free binding inspired by Japanese traditional ”retch so” binding.

 It opens very flat and we use fishing line which is very thin but strong and hardly visible.

 You’ll see the holes on the back and design the position of the holes with the different sizes of hole-punch.

 I will bring the text blocks and participants can choose the papers for the front and back cover.

Date : 26 April, Sunday    10am-5pm

 Costs : 1,100kr. (material costs with a drink)

 Instructor : Akie Tsuzuki

 Participants : Bookbinders, graphic designers, interested people with previous knowledge

 Language : English

 Tools : pencils, paper cutter cutting mat, ruler, scissor, hole punch and weight


These japanese book arts workshops are organized by Burmanform 

For more information
instagram @ burmanform


Senaste varorna i butiken

Vendor: Andrej Urem
Type: Candle
Price: 275.00

Handcrafted candle by Andrej Urem Collection New York
Materials: Organic soy wax, cotton wick
Size: Size (h x w): 5.5 x 5.5 cm (2 x 2 inches).

A candle burns for approximately 30 hours. Please note that on the firs time you burn allow burning for 2 hours to ensure an even melting, as this will prevent tunneling.

About the candles

"I embarked on the process of candle making a few years ago. As time passed, the alchemy of the candle making was revealed to me, making me see that each candle possesses its unique individual character, and a life of its own.  

My candles are hand poured and made out of the best quality ecologically friendly soy wax. The soybeans used are grown in the USA, and the wax made from them is specially blended with palm and beeswax to enhance needed firmness. The flame burns a cylinder inside the core in such a way as to leave the sides of the candle to remain intact, transparent, and illuminated. The burning time of each candle can exceed more than sixty hours." (Andrej Urem)

Vendor: Esencia
Type: clothes
Price: 946.00

Baby omlottröja (tagga ordet med) made of the finest, silkysoft alpaca wool. Made in Denmark. Ethically made in Bolivia.

Size: 6 months.
Material: 100% alpaca wool.
Care: Machine washable on the wool program. It is a good idea to use detergent intended for wool as this helps the wool keep its natural grease.

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