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Wooden spoons by Marie Eklund

Photography: Anna Kern

Each one of Marie Eklund's stunning (and functional) spoons is a personality, unique and with it's own story. The woods she uses vary: at manos we have spoons made (for instance) from apple tree from Julita, chestnut from Swedenborgsgatan in Stockholm, rowan tree from Marie's own forest in Närke, birchwood from Sätergläntan in Dalarna and sallow tree from Kvarngatan in Stockholm...

Care advice
Treat the spoons once in a while with a drop of linseed oil, polish with for instance greaseproof paper for a shiny surface. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

This is how Marie describes her working process:
"Find wood with a shape that I like. The search for wood happens through for instance arborists, private gardens, woods and parks. Split the wood, use the axe to shape it into a coarse shape, carve carefully in the fiber direction (this make the spoons strong despite their thinness and narrow handle). The spoons dry slowly for a few days to gain a finer surface before clean carving, after which it is time for yet another surface treatment where I burn and treat the spoons with linseed oil several times. This makes them even stronger. The whole process takes roughly three weeks from wood to hardening.

Latest items in the shop

Vendor: Jollygoodfellow
Type: Textiles
Price: 225.00

A screen printed t-shirt in eco cotton by Lisa and Esa Tanttu / Jollygoodfellow. The Jackson Pollock t-shirt is forgiving, even encouraging, to stains. In their own words: "Ten years ago, when we had our first kid, we started to think about a ”spill-friendly” t-shirt. We tried different patterns to camouflage the spill. But now we finally have the concept! What before was a problem is now a piece of art in the spirit of Jackson Pollock."

Vendor: Jollygoodfellow
Type: Textiles
Price: 225.00

A screen printed t-shirt in eco cotton by Lisa and Esa Tanttu / Jollygoodfellow. The "Kotten" print is a product that I've stocked since I opened manos in 2008 and it is still as strong.

Just like I strive to do with manos, Jollygoodfellow works sustainably: "Our goal is to save the planet and, therefore, we insist on using organic cotton, second hand garments and other fair materials. In our work with the prints, we have a desire for the timeless and mix old and new."

The "Kotten" t-shirt is printed by hand with water-based colour in Jollygoodfellow's garage printshop using really nice t-shirts from Neutral (Denmark) that are certified – GOTS, FAIRTRADE, EU ECOLABEL etc.

This print is also available as a poster.

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