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manos butik och keramikverkstad ligger i SOFO på Renstiernas gata 22 i Stockholm.

Kombinationen butik och verkstad gör manos till en alldeles speciell, kreativ och inspirerande mötesplats - en känsla vi hoppas förmedla till alla våra besökare. manos betyder händer på spanska, vi drejar eller bygger för hand all keramik vi säljer här i butiken.


På våra kurser bjuder vi in deltagarna att skapa i vår inspirerande miljö –både i keramikverkstan och kring vårt stora bord i butiken. Ibland gästspelar andra som brinner för sitt område – naturlig färgning av tyg, origami, ikebana... En kreativ plats helt enkelt.

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Senaste varorna i butiken

Vendor: Mikael Nilson
Type: Wood
Price: 1050.00

Out of a light wood, Mikael Nilsson hand carves birds, horses, elks and people. Whatever he turns his hands to, he captures the character of the object. Mikael says this about his figures "I want the things I make to convey emotions like curiosity, anger, fear or melancholy." The wooden birds look almost as if they have real feathers, but it is all wood that Mikael spray paints to make them really dark black. Mikael is active in Linköping in the south of Sweden.

The birds are made in two sizes, Seniors and juniors.

Size: Each bird is unique and measures approximately 25 x 13 (head to tail) cm (9,8 x 5,1 inches)

Material: wooden body, metal legs

Care: Dust your bird lightly and use a toothbrush as a help if you need to.

Vendor: Cousu du fil blanc
Type: Soap
Price: 150.00

Discover this subtly scented soap the full-bodied finesse of Ceylon tea leaves and the creamy texture of sweet organic almond oil*. Suitable for all skin types.

Cousu De Fil Blanc soaps are hand made in France, produced in workshops by artisan soap makers that respect traditional savoir-faire. With 100% vegetable bases, the finest quality raw materials including organic vegetable oils, clays, organic mountain-made honey, essential oils and seaweed are added to the soaps. The brand creates unique packaging made from reclaimed paper, is reflected in the refined and beautiful collections.


Volume: 100g
Material: 100% Pure Vegetable Soap Bar 
Handmade and Organic

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