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Vildvuxet at manos - a Sofo night with Lisen Sundgren and Nadia Nörbom


Vildvuxet at manos - an Sofo night with Lisen Sundgren - author of the book Vildvuxet - and Nadia Nörbom who´s illustrated the 95 edible plants included in the book. 

We've sold the popular book Vildvuxet – mat och huskurer från naturen, by Lisen Sundgren, beautifully and sensitively illustrated by Nadia Nörbom, since it was released in 2017. Now we would like to invite you to a unique evening where you will meet these two very inspiring persons live here at manos. Lisen and Nadia will talk about the book, which can be seen as a guide to over 95 edible plants available in Sweden (out of 250 in total). You will also be treated to Lisens wild grown menu with ingredients such as nettle, pine and birch.


Senaste varorna i butiken

Vendor: Martall
Type: Board game
Price: 720.00

A classic board game where the person who first get four pieces in a row - diagonally, horizontally or vertically - is the winner. Beautifully designed by Magnus Olsson for swedish company Martall.

Size (W x H): 39 x 28 cm (15 x 11 inches) with 42 pawns that measure 3,5 cm (1.4 inches).

Material: birch plywood, the surface is treated with a hard laquer.

Vendor: Martall
Price: 670.00

Large ludo game by Martall made in birch plywood with sunken holes for the game pieces. Very high quality that will survive several generations of playing. Comes in a card board box with 16 grip friendly game pieces (four in each colour) in a textile bag, one dice and game rules (in swedish). Suitable for all ages.

Size: 40x40 cm. 

Material:  birch plywood

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