For those of you who want to create at home in clay, we offer our hugely popular clay packages - you create, we fire and glaze!

Real mud!

Real mud!

Are you keen to try clay, real clay that is fired in our ceramic kiln and lasts the rest of your life? Do you want to do something creative by yourself or together with someone?

Mano's clay kit contains 2 kilos of clay, tools, two engobes (clay paint) and our advice and tips. You hand in what you have created and we burn and glaze.

Price SEK 1050. The clay packs can only be purchased on site in the store.

The clay club

When you have bought your clay package from us and have all the tools, you are in mano's clay club! As a member, you can buy more clay from us that we fire and glaze. Our ambition is that there should be between two or three different clays to choose from.

Price SEK 750 for 2.5 kg of clay and an engobe. The clay can only be bought on site in the shop.