Essential oil lantern

Fill the bowl with water and add a few drops of essential oil, light a tealight under the bowl and when the water starts to evaporate, the scent of the essential oil will spread in the room. The bowl holds approx. 150 ml of liquid and should not be burned dry.

Designer / manufacturer: Karin Eriksson at manos.

Size: 95mm height, 110mm diameter.

Care: with time and use, the bowl will acquire a patina from the oil. Wash the bowl in cold water with a scotch-brite and dish soap. It may happen that soot builds up under the bowl and this needs to be scraped away.

Material: high-fired stoneware clay. All ceramics at manos are made by hand and small variations may occur in size, color and surface. That makes the handmade ceramics so unique and special  

700 kr
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