Towel Textile No 4, Blue

Towel Textile No 4 Blue "YingYang"

A kitchen towel that makes everyday life more beautiful. Available in several colors and patterns that can all be combined. Linen is a very good material for towels as it is highly absorbent, dries quickly and only gets better and more beautiful with use. Textile No. 4 has hangers both at the top and bottom of the towel.  

We like that the linen only gets better and more beautiful with use.  

Designer / manufacturer: Karin Carlander.  

Size: 500 x 700 mm.  

Care: please rinse the textile before first use for a softer feel. Soak 30 min before first wash. Wash at 60 °. Centrifuge gently and avoid tumble drying. Please iron when the towel still has moisture left if you want a smooth towel.  

Material: 100% naturally grown linen from Europe. Karin Carlander is certified by Masters of Linen®, which guarantees the high quality from the sowing of the flax seed to the finished product.  

285 kr
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