Candle lantern in porcelain, wide stripe

Handthrown candle lantern in fine white porcelain clay. It is thinly turned so that the transparency of the porcelain comes through. Each lantern is uniquely patterned by hand with stripes or facets where the light is let through a little extra. On the inside, the lantern has a transparent glaze that shines when the light is on. The outside is polished for a smooth surface.

Designer / manufacturer: Nilla Hellzén at manos.  

Size: 65mm height x 75mm diameter.  

Care: wash in dishwasher or by hand. If the wax from the tealight spills inside the candlestick, pour hot water into it and it will come off.  

Material: porcelain. All ceramics at manos are made by hand and small variations may occur in size, color and surface. That makes the handmade ceramics so unique and special

450 kr
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