Soap "The everyday hero"

This beautiful and completely natural soap is called Aleppo soap. Making this soap is a real craft dating back 4-5000 years. Made with only natural ingredients, Aard's soap cleans and moisturizes your skin without stripping its natural oils or damaging the skin's natural protective barrier.

Aard's soap contains only a few ingredients which result in a versatile, caring and moisturizing product. The same soap can be used for face, hands, body and hair. The higher the percentage of laurel oil in the soap, the kinder and more caring.

Size: 62mm height x 58mm width.

Contents: All soaps are based on the same four natural ingredients; olive oil, laurel oil, water, lye (lye is needed to make hard soap, this is so that the oils can react with each other, the lye disappears later in the process and there is nothing left in the finished soap). 

Production: Aárd's soaps are made by Syrian soap masters in Antakya, Turkey.

159 kr
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